Snezhana was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, a small, beautiful Eastern European country with deep traditions in agriculture.  Raised in a family of plant and animal lovers, she inherited her love for nature and beautiful landscapes. She went to college for business and finance and then to law school, but never forgot her origins. She has always spent her free time helping in her grandmother’s vegetable and flower gardens, finding gardening relaxing as well as a refreshing escape from school and hectic city life.


From a pleasant hobby, gardening became a family business when she came to Nantucket and married Christopher Oberg. Her experience gained over the years in Bulgaria, as well as working for several Nantucket landscaping companies, has made her a great asset for Christopher Oberg Environmental Design Inc.


Chris worked as a landscaper every summer on Nantucket while he was in college. The experience he gained through the years and his degrees in landscaping and industrial design from SUNY Cobleskill and RIT helped him to expand his horizons and to start his own business.  He founded Christopher Oberg Environmental Design 20 years ago and now has one of the most successful Landscape Companies on the island.


The company is currently engaged in all fields of the landscape industry including landscape design, installation, construction, and maintenance. The company also maintains a small greenhouse and vegetable garden, where some of the plant material is grown. Christopher Oberg is personally involved with everything in the company. He is a perfectionist and quality and professional work are always his priorities. The company’s main priority is to meet and exceed customer’s goals and expectations with the highest quality products and services..


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